Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sea Horse, Run!

        Sea Horse, Run! 

In this educational and fun story, the underwater adventures of a seahorse are chronicled. Tammy Carter Bronson writes and illustrates this bright book about the relationship between sea horses and sea dragons, the animals of the Australian coral reef, and coral reefs around the planet. 

Although the book is quite informative, it is also entertaining. After hearing rumors about a dragon, the animals of the ocean were frightened and began to find safe havens. Not Sea Horse. He had the courage to stay behind and protect his friend, coral, who cannot move. Sea horse confronts the danger and face his fears. He soon realizes that the sea dragon and the sea horse are distantly related. This underlying message of courage in the face of danger and standing by a friend can be very powerful to young students. 

This book would be a great fit for K-2 students. There are numerous activities that can surround the reading of this book. Check out for fun facts and activities. I used this book as a book and share in my science methods class, and used a few of the cut and paste worksheets. It seemed to be a good, minilesson. 

Sea Horse, Run!  is a finalist in the 2011 USA Best Book Awards and won the 2011 Indie Book Award (Children's Picture Book).

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