Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Blues Go Extreme Birding

By Carol L. Malnor and Sandy F. Fuller
Illustrated by Louise Schroeder

Beautiful illustrations by Louise Schroeder dominate this fun and educational picture book about a band of bluebirds, the BLUES, and their adventures in bird watching. 

As part of a series of books on birds, the BLUES are a fun, lovable group of birds who are wild about bird watching. Bing, Lulu, Uno, Eggbert, and Sammi (the members of the BLUES), are looking to find the world’s most “extreme” birds before the Bird X-Games. They search for the fastest-moving, longest-migrating, deepest-diving, and other record holding birds. 

The book  is filled with interesting facts about many different types of birds. Although any ornithology student would find this book fun, kids will love the fun adventures of the BLUES. This would be a great book to use in identifying nonfiction text features. This can definitely not be read in one setting, but can be used in science and social studies units. Check out  for interactive activities that will keep students coming back to the book for reference. Also, the back of the book gives numerous resources including links to bird watching organizations and even the Audubon Society. Check out their link for teaching outside:  What a wonderful idea...taking the students outside while reading a BLUES book! 

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