Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Dog Needs a Bone

A Dog Needs a Bone
Story and Pictures by Audrey Wood
The Blue Sky Press, 2007

Every wonder what your dog is thinking while you are going about your day? Audrey Wood's A Dog Needs a Bone delves into the inner thoughts of a dog. 

The request is simple: a bone. However, the granting of that request is hard fought battle for our main character. He asks simply for something to chew on from his mistress. His begging is accompanied by a list of house chores he will perform including treating his mistress, "like a queen on a throne," if he can only get his bone. Also included, are a list of thing he will not do, such as dig up flowers in the garden or play with the toilet paper. 

Suddenly, our dog friend finds that his mistress has left. During her absence he snuggles with her scarf and sleeps in her bed. But, HARK? What does he hear? His mistress has returned from the store bearing treats. She tries to give him carrots, broccoli, and peas. Rejecting the peas, the mistress reached in the bag and pulled out a bone!

Audrey Wood's Pugs: Sumo and Duffy
A straightforward narrative, A Dog Needs a Bone provides stylish illustrations and a pleasurable journey. There is no deep message or underlying symbolism in the books. Rather there is an entertaining tale of a dog wanting a bone. Based loosely on Ms. Wood’s own pugs, this anthropomorphic anecdote does deliver a moment for paws…I mean…pause. What do our animal friends think throughout the day? 

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  1. What a cute book! When I started reading this post, I thought of this book I read called "The Art of Racing in the Rain." It is not a children's book, but it also follows a dog and what he thinks about. Very interesting read.
    I like the fact that this book is straightforward, and children can simply enjoy the book.